Ben Cary- Founder, Sports Handicapper 

Hi guys, I am the founder of CapWize. I started CapWize, formally Currency Kings, in January of 2018. From 2013-2017, I was consistently hitting 55-58% of my bets for each sport and annually overall. I initially didn’t realize how decent of a handicapper I was until someone approached me from a FB Group, and was impressed about my picks/results. Before December, he brought me on his team to help handicap, but I realized I had an idea to change the industry and wanted to start my own venture. Around this same time, before I officially launched CapWize, I worked in software sales for 2-3 years. I also have a digital marketing agency that specializes in FB ads.

I am in the middle

I live in Denver, Colorado and I am born in raised here in the state. I, of course, love sports and also enjoy collecting and selling sports cards. I also enjoy live music at outdoor venues like Red Rocks.

If you have feedback on anything, or questions, my inbox is always open. Please reach out to me at, or DM me on IG.