I started “Currency Kings” (now CapWize) early December 2017. From 2013-2017, I was consistently hitting 55-58% of my bets for each sport and annually overall. I initially didn’t realize how good I was at handicapping until someone approached me from a FB Group, and was impressed about my picks/results. Before December, he brought me on his team to help handicap, but I realized I had an idea to change the industry and wanted to start my own venture. I decided to make this page to help out beginners just getting into sports betting and to help all sports bettors win money first and foremost, but also to change up the industry.

I was operating this website 100% free for everyone for over a year, making money off ads and sign-ups to affiliate partner sites such as Mybookie and BetDSI. After doing just this for over a year, I was realizing for me to do this full time, and to give followers the highest quality of picks and content, I would need to change up my model. In a perfect world, I wish I didn’t have to charge anyone, but that isn’t a reality. Luckily, Currency Kings will always be inexpensive and the best value of any sports handicapping site.

Based on the hundreds of conversations I had with sports bettors regarding the handicapping industry,  I developed the first-ever Performance-Based Pricing Model, which ensures you won’t overpay if picks end up not performing as well as they have in the past. Bad months do happen to EVERYONE, not often for me, but they certainly happen. This pricing model limits the risk up front for you the bettor! Also, we make the monthly price affordable and one that makes sense for your bankroll. Why would a $20 bettor pay $400 a month for picks? It doesn’t make any sense, and not only will you receive picks, but also some of the best premium content and premium features you’ll find.

I will offer the best content for sports bettors, and integrate content with the use of social media. This will include live betting chats, premium content via IG, the top betting sports betting specific FB group, and much more.

A majority of picks will be available for free, but the tiered subscriptions will be a must-have for a beginner or expert bettor. Anyone who has following me from the beginning knows it is/was never about the money for me and I am truly passionate about helping out other bettors, launching growing a business, and making this an effective business model for everyone involved.

Once you join Currency Kings as a paid subscriber, you will quickly see that we are only as strong as our community/users and we are community-based. If you have feedback on anything, please reach out to me at bcary@capwize.com, or DM me on IG. This site will be the future of sports betting/handicapping and would love for you to part of something great.