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The Teaser Pick

The teaser pick.

If life, being a tease can be fun, being the one teased can be frustrating, unless you can the outcome you want :). Same goes for sports betting. A teaser pick is grouping two picks (or more) together into one bet (both outcomes have to win for the whole bet to win). Essentially it is like a parlay, except the odds are a bit better for you with the point spreads decreased in your favor. Let’s give an example-

Here are two lines for the night-

Denver Nuggets +3.5 vs Los Angeles (Denver is 3.5 point underdogs)
Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears -2 (Bears 2 point favorites).

There are a few different point spreads most sports betting sites give you that can be used for a teaser. This makes things more advantageous for you the bettor. “Teasing” these picks together would make the new bet-

Denver +8.5, and Bears +3 (5 point teaser) -140 = which means a $140 bet will win you $100
Denver +7.5, and Bears +2 (4 point teaser) -120 = $120 bet will win you $100

As you can see, the points are added to the teams spread. If the team is the underdog (Broncos), they now have 5 more points to work with and not lose by that total amount. With favorites (Bears), they now only have to win by 5 less points. Seems pretty cool right? Well what is the catch you may ask, maybe it seems too good to be true.

I wouldn’t say it is a catch but let’s give a prime example which happens more times than not. I gave examples of a 2 team teaser picks, but you can also do 2 & 3 and even 4 team teasers. Note, on websites such as Mybookie or Xbets, teaser picks have predetermined/adjusted numbers based on the specific sport. For a three team teaser wager, an NFL bet is given 10 points, and NBA and CBB are given 7 points. In this teaser wager, you are paid -120, ($120 bet wins you $100).

Denver Nuggets +3.5 (-110) teases to +10.5
Chicago Bears -2 (-110) teases to +8
San Antonio Spurs -12 (-110) teases to -5

Remember, all three on these bets has to win for you to successfully win the whole bet. So if Denver loses by 2 points, Bears win by 3 but the Spurs only win by 2 points, you lost the whole bet! Yeah bro, you just got teased, that hot girl at the bar had a boyfriend the whole time. HA, you get what I mean, and this is what makes teaser bets hard at time, and risky.

In this scenario, if you would have bet each of these bets independent from each other, this is what the payout would have been (for example you bet $100 bucks on each pick.

Denver Nuggets +3.5 (-110) You bet $100, you win $90
Chicago Bears -2 (-110) You bet $100, you win $90
San Antonio Spurs -12 (-110) you bet $100 and lost.

In this example you walk away with $80, but a teaser pick would have left you with nothing.

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