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Three tiers are available with three different prices for those who want to take their sports betting to the next level and profit more money month over month, year over year. These are very affordable and you will not break the bank considering the value you will be receiving as a subscriber. To get started, sign up here.

Premium Picks

As a premium member, you will receive the top plays of the day. These will be tracked via a google spreadsheet and on the Action Network APP. The most you will pay for these picks is $50 a month (comes out to $1.60 a day), whereas most sites will charge anywhere around $100-300 a month (or $6 to $10 a day, sometimes even more). We also have launched the Dynamic Performance-Based Pricing, which is the first of its kind in the sports betting/handicapping space. This ensures, that if we have a below-average month, we will reimburse/refund you accordingly depending on the number of units we are up. We take some of the risk off of your plate and put our money where our mouth is. Bad months do happen (rarely for us at CapWize) but this is an added level of insurance/protection.

Performance-Based Pricing-

We don’t expect many 30 day stretches, but as a buyer/bettor protection, we will reimburse you depending on how our performance goes. A unit should be 1% of your bankroll. We recommended the Standard package for those who have a unit size of $15 or above.


Premium Articles

Throughout the month as a subscriber, you will be sent exclusive articles via email. This will include top future bets and over/under bets. We will be releasing a few premium articles for CFB and NFL soon here! Here are a few examples of premium articles from the Spring/Summer-

If you subscribe in August, you will get my top CFB & NFL future plays and over/under win total bets!

Facebook Group

The CapWize FB group is about 2 years old, and what I love about it is we have no drama and just a group of bettors (men and women) from all over the USA discussing top bets on the day. This is huge for sports such as college football and college basketball as members of the group will post on the daily betting thread specific information about a game or line that otherwise you wouldn’t have come across with so many games on the docket. I have lost count of the number of times I have won a bet on a game I wasn’t even looking at information brought to the attention from someone within the group. Also, the consensus pick is chosen when there are multiple people in the group that like one specific pick on the day! This will group will accelerate your growth as a sports bettor, no doubt about it. I have been apart of many facebook betting groups, and what seems to happen is once they grow too big, they lose value and there is too much clutter and too many bets going against each other almost always.

Exclusive IG Story Content

Using the Close Friends Feature on Instagram Stories, I will post exclusive information and thoughts on game lines. This will be of much value when football season starts and content you only receive as a premium member.

Instagram Live Betting Chat Group

Starting August 24th, we will be launching an exclusive betting group on FB that will be used strictly for live bets and 2nd half lines. This will be the best place to get real-time information and bets for in-game betting.

Other sites vs CapWize

Here is a breakdown of some other handicapping sites vs CapWize. There are some great sites out there who operate in the correct manner, but there are too many shady sites/IG pages in the space preying on other sports bettors.