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NFL Week 8 Picks and Teasers

Week 8 Picks

There are several games that will be impacted by wind,  mainly in the morning games, so make sure to monitor this and track this before you place a bet on Sunday.  Five games below have winds around 20-25 mph and most of these have seen the totals drop by 4-5 points.

  • Titans vs Bengals
  • Patriots vs Bills
  • Raiders vs Browns
  • Vikings vs Green Bay
  • Saints vs Bears

All but the Bears game start at 1pm EST. Most of the value betting on the under is gone as the lines have been bet down heavily and you can see all these live moments here on our CapWize Betting Dashboard. Make sure to check this out and I actually think there could be some value on betting over in a few of these games with some severe lines of 4-5 points in games with bad defenses. One in particular that I wouldn’t be surprised if the line goes back up a point would be the Raiders vs Browns.

Patriots vs Bills  (-4.5, 40.5)

Look, I like the Patriots last week and they got blown out at home against the 49ers. There is also this narrative going around that Cam Newton is still struggling from Covid effects. I guess this could be the case but I find it doubtful. Could it just be Cam Newton has just had a bad string of a few games? I think that is more reasonable and I expect the Patriots to keep this game close in a game with a low total. The weather in Buffalo is going to be BAD and expect the Patriots to keep this one close.

CapWize Model

The model has the Bills winning 17-15 and with the under hitting. The low scoring has to do with weather of course with very high winds.

Pick- *1 Unit* Pats +4.5 via PointsBet

Week 8 Teasers 

Teaser #1 (6 point teaser)

  • Broncos +9.5
  • Steelers  +10

Teaser #2 (6 point teaser)

  • Broncos +9.5
  • Pats +10.5

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