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NFL Week 10 Early Look Ahead Predictions

The goal of this article is to give you an early look at the projected line moves for week 10. If you like a team or line for the week, this article will help you decide whether to bet it now or to wait. This is assuming there is no weather or covid news. You can see how we did with our week 9 article and go about most of the moves correct.

Colts vs Titans (-2.5, 50.5)

Side- I expect this to move up to -4

Total- I expect this to drop to 48-49


Washington vs Lions (-3.5, 46.5)

Side- I expect this to move to -5 and maybe even -6 when it is all said and done as Kyle Allen will be out

Total- Hard to gauge this total and I think it ends up at 45.5


Eagles vs Giants (+3, 41.5)

Side- I think this moves in the Eagles favor but don’t think it goes over -4

Total- This might go up to 43, but hard to tall how the market is going to act on this line


Jaguars vs Packers (-14, 54)

Side- Ulimately. I think this goes up to -14.5, but should stay around 14 for awhile.

Total- I think this will drop to 50 as Jake Luton is only going to me back his second start


Bengals vs Steelers (-9.5, 48.5)

Side- This might drop to -8 but not under 8

Total- This will stay around 48.5, maybe dropping to 48.



Buccaneers vs Panthers (+5.5, 47)

Side- I could see this dropping to 4 considering how good the Panthers looked and how bad the Bucs played in Week 9.

Total- This might drop to 46, but that is about it.


Texans vs Browns (-2.5, 53.5)

Side- I think this will go up to -3 and maybe 3.5 in favor of the Browns

Total- Hard for me to gauge this total’s movement but I think it stays around 53


Bills vs Cardinals (-2,5, 53)

Side- I expect this to drop to -1 or PK by Sunday

Total- This should go up to 55 with move offenses hitting their strides



Seahawks vs Rams (-1.5. 55.5)

Side- I have a hard time gauging how the market will react to this line

Total- I don’t think this total will get over 56 but might to 54.5, another hard one to gauge.


49ers vs Saints (-6.5, 52.5)

Side- This might go up to 7 but I don’t see it going above that

Total- I think this drops to 51


Broncos vs Raiders (+4, 50.5)

Side- This should move to +5 for the Broncos

Total-  I think this will go up to 51 but the status of Callahan and AJ Bouye will be big to the total


Ravens vs Patriots (NA)




Vikings vs Bears (-3, 46.5)

Side- I think the line will go up to 4 for the Vikings

Total- I think this might drop but this is hard one for me to judge

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