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Matt’s Week 8 NFL Teaser

Ughhhhhh, we just cannot catch a break!

BUF -2.5 ✅

KC-DEN  U56.5 ❌

DET-ATL  O46.5 ❌


We lost our week 7 teaser by a combined 4 points…Denver and KC combined for 59 points and Detroit and Atlanta combined for 45. So close, yet so far. We’re now 4-3 on the year, so we’re still in the green, but man two brutal losses in back-to-back weeks really bums me out.


Talking to other handicappers and fantasy footballer players, this year is just really tough. How much emphasis do we put on home field advantage? Are players who clear COVID-19 protocols really “100%”? How much do facilities being shut down have an impact on a teams game preparation?


All these questions surrounding how the games are being played make this one of the toughest NFL seasons for sports bettors of all-time. Despite all of this, we’re still profitable on the year, but it’s been a tough season to gauge no doubt. Alright, let’s get into the week 8 teaser. Going back with a 10 pointer this week that pays -120. Let’s check it out!




Leg #1: New York @ Kansas City. Chiefs -19  ➡️  -9  ✅


You know who passed on Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft? That’s right, the Jets! Do you think Mahomes remembers that? 1000% he does. Mahomes was asked about it earlier in the week and he said he met with the Jets during the pre-draft process and they seemed very interested…whoops. The Jets have been a dumpster fire ever since and c’mon, Sam Darnold is not going on the road against this team and going to compete with them offensively. Over the last 3 weeks New York has scored 10 points, 0 points, and 10 points. They’re last in the NFL in virtually every offensive category and although I hate teasing heavy favorites…I have to put KC in a tease this week. I normally pick slight favorites or underdogs in my teases, but c’mon this game isn’t going to be close. Let’s bump KC down from -19 to -9 on Sunday.



Leg #2: Minnesota @ Green Bay   O/U  48  ➡️  38  Over ✅

Don’t be shocked if the news hits on Monday that Mike Zimmer has been fired by the Vikings. However, I keep coming back to the fact that Minnesota is just not as bad as what their record shows. They should have beaten the Titans and Seahawks. There are numerous key factors as to why I like the over in this game:


1) Dalvin Cook is back

2) Minnesota just traded their best defender Yannick Ngakoue

3) The Vikings are the kings of garbage time


These teams combined for 77 points in week 1 and although we got screwed last week by O/U, I really like the over in the MIN-GB game. Stack this game if you’re a daily fantasy player.




Leg #3: Tampa Bay @ New York   Buccaneers -11  ➡️  -1  ✅


If you candidly asked Tom Brady which team he hates the most in the NFL…I think he would probably say the Giants. His two Super Bowl losses to New York are the one little smudge on his NFL GOAT resume. I think he will be fired up on Monday night and I personally think the Bucs are the best team in the NFC. Tampa Bay is 1st in the league in DVOA, while the Giants are 29th. I was surprised to see this line only at NYG +11 and I think it should be closer to 13. Tampa Bay has a top 3 defense and Daniel Jones and company might not score double figures. Yes, it’s a pretty chalky pick, but c’mon the Giants aren’t upsetting TB on Monday night.