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Matt’s Week 17 NFL Teaser

*sigh* we had a great call with the Falcons keeping the KC game close, but of course the Jets have to win a meaningless game against a 10-4 team:

TB -0.5 ✅

ATL +21.5 ✅

CLE +1  ❌


We’re 9-7 on the year and I intend to put us to 10-7, which is a figure I’d be proud of in this COVID ridden season. There has been so much variance this year, like the Titans besting Buffalo by 30, but then losing to the Packers by 25 or the Patriots beating Baltimore, then getting blown out by the Bills. It’s been a tough season for bettors, but we’re still in the green this year. Don’t have a ton of time this week, so I’m going to keep the explanations short. We’re going with a 3-team 10 point tease, let’s check it out.


Leg #1: Baltimore @ Cincinnati Ravens -13.5  ➡️  -3.5  ✅


Plain and simple, Lamar Jackson has torched the Bengals in his short three year career. This is a must win game for the Ravens and Cincinnati basically has the 4th or 5th overall pick locked up. I can’t keep track of who is starting for Cincy anymore and the Ravens need this W. Let’s push Baltimore to win by 4 or more on Sunday.




Leg #2: Tennessee @ Houston  Texans +7.5  ➡️  +17.5  ✅


I keep coming back to the fact that I don’t believe Houston is THAT bad of a football team. Their defense stinks, but they have Watson who always keeps them in games. I think Houston keeps this divisional matchup close and tries to end their season on a high note. I cannot see Tennessee blowing the Texans out…not by 17.5 anyway.



Leg #3: New York @ New England  Patriots -3  ➡️  +7  ✅


The Patriots are going to miss the playoffs for the first time in 12 years, but we cannot discount how much Bill Belichick hates the Jets. He is just not going to allow this team to lose to a 2-13 team I’m sure of it. They will end the season 7-9 and have the 13th pick in the draft. The Jets don’t have the capacity to beat a team by more than 7.