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Matt’s Week 15 NFL Teaser

I feel like the Steelers right now. Having a really good season, then two back-to-back losses punches you in the face:

TEN +2.5 ✅

SEA -3.5  ✅



That now brings our record to 8-6 on the year. Honestly, in this COVID-19 filled season it has been extremely hard for bettors to navigate the waters. How has the lack of fans had an impact on teams like Seattle and Minnesota, Denver had to play a game with a fucking WR at quarterback, games are being played on a Wednesday afternoons! It’s been a messy season for the NFL, but the one positive is that there still hasn’t been a single game cancelled and it’s week 15. We have three weeks left and I have one goal for this season that I believe deserves an asterisk: just stay in the GREEN.


I don’t care if we go 9-8 or 11-6, we’re just not going to be in the red after week 17’s final horn. For starters, I am DONE betting over unders in teasers. I’ve done it probably 4 times this season and it’s been our losing leg 3 different times. I also will be throwing in more underdogs because it seems they’ve been covering more often than not. We’re going with a 13-point tease this week, so letsssssss check it out!



Leg #1: Jacksonville @ Baltimore   Ravens -13  ➡️  PK  ✅

Not even gonna really talk about this game. These two teams couldn’t be further apart. Baltimore is trying to make a late push and Jacksonville secretly might be trying to lose games for the 1st or 2nd overall pick. Gimme Ravens ML to start.




Leg #2: Chicago @ Minnesota  Bears +3  ➡️  +16  ✅


The Bears beating Houston 36-7 was probably the most shocking outcome of the weekend and they look to take that momentum into Minnesota this Sunday. In Kirk Cousin’s tenure with the Vikings, Minnesota is 1-4 against the Bears when he’s been under center. This Chicago defense always seems to give him trouble and I expect more of the same on Sunday.


Yes, betting on Mitch Trubisky is one of the scariest gambles in all of football and I think Sunday could prove to be a cardiac heart attack game for bettors as well. However, I’m basically betting on the fact that I can’t see the Vikings beating this defense by 15+ points. I do see Minnesota winning at home, but not by more than two touchdowns. Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn are going to get after Kirk all game. I could definitely see a choke job performance by Kirk and co. I see this as a very close game, as does Vegas.




Leg #3: Philadelphia @ Arizona  Eagles +6  ➡️ +19  ✅


We have the Oklahoma QB bowl in this one as Jalen Hurts will be making his second career start vs. former OU Heisman winner Kyler Murray.

No one’s really talking about how poorly Kyler Murray and the Cards have played over the last month and a half. The Cardinals are 2-4 in their last six games and if DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t catch that Hail Mary, they are 1-5.

The Eagles look to have found a spark with Jalen Hurts and they are fighting for their playoff lives. This line doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. I would guessed it would be ARI -3.5 or -4, but Vegas is giving them a full touchdown on Sunday. I don’t expect Philly to win this game, but I do see them keeping it close. The Eagles can get blown out by 17 or 18 and we still get the W. I don’t believe the Cardinals are good enough to beat anybody by 20 right now.



Leg #4: Kansas City @ New Orleans  Chiefs -3  ➡️ +10  ✅


I mentioned this in week 4 and it still has stayed true: Patrick Mahomes has never lost an NFL game by more than 8 points…not a one. Getting the Chiefs as 10 point underdogs seems like a free square quite honestly.

Throughout the years I have loved to tease Mahomes when he is a -1.5 favorite or a +3 underdog…and I don’t think I’ve ever lost that leg in a tease ever in my life. I don’t know why Brees is deciding to come back so soon, but whatever I do not care. He hasn’t played in a month and this defensive line is going to try and attack him and get him out of the game again. Gimme KC +10 on SNF.