Matt’s Week 12 NFL Teaser

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! We got ourselves a little Black Friday money last week as our teaser went beautifully:

GB +15 ✅

ATL +18 ✅

KC/LV  O43.5 ✅

PHI +15.5  ✅


We’re now 7-4 on the season…so let’s shoot for 8-4 this week! We’re going with a 10 point tease, a little 3-teamer, so let’s check it out!



Leg #1: Washington @ Dallas  O/U 47  ➡️ 57  Under  ↔️ 


I wanna have a little action on Turkey day, so let’s check out the over/under in the Washington-Dallas game. Coming into Thursday…this O/U doesn’t make a whole ton of sense to me, almost seems a little fishy. If I was setting the lines, I’d probably have this O/U at 44.5 or 45, not sure what these two offenses have shown this year that that would suggest a line of 47.

I usually bet the under in primetime games anyway because teams tend to play more conservatively with 20 times the amount of eyes on them. Not only that, but just look at the offensive team rankings of both of these teams…just brutal. These two teams combined for 28 points in week 7 and this line scares me a bit, but do we really see a 30-27 game in this one? I don’t.


**Disclaimer: Lamar Jackson will not play on Sunday, as we had BAL +14.5 but most sportsbooks will allow you to swap out the Baltimore pick**

Leg #2: New York @ Cincinnati  Giants -6  ➡️ +4  ✅


I said this a few weeks ago, but something makes me queasy about taking Daniel Jones on the road. However, the last time I said that he helped us win our teaser, so let’s give it another shot!

The Giants have looked great the last three weeks and I think they’re finally finding their footing. Brandon Allen will be starting for Denver and I feel that the winds have been completely taken out of Cincinatti’s sails…including their fans.


The Giants are just the better team and even if Cincy somehow wins by a field goal, we still get the W. I like the Giants on Sunday for sure.



Leg #3: Chicago @ Green Bay   Packers -9  ➡️ +1  ✅


I really hate doing this in my teasers and I usually like to look for +6 point underdogs and bump them up to +16.5 or take a -3 and bump it to +7…but I think the Packers being +1 has to be in a tease this week.

If you’re a Bears fan, Aaron Rodgers has been torturing you in different ways for the last decade. There have been so many brutal Chicago losses at the hands of Aaron Rodgers I cannot keep track of them all.
The fact of the matter is this:

  • It’s Aaron Rodgers in Primetime
  • Either a banged up Foles or Trubisky is starting this game
  • Rodgers is also coming off a loss.

I just cannot see Rodgers going down on SNF and if they do this Green Bay team might be in serious trouble. I think the Packers ML is one of the safer picks on this tricky slate.