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Degenerate Level

As we find the bad beats throughout the year, we have to have a way to quantify how bad of a beat it really was. I have developed two totally non scientific scales. They are the bad beat rating (which you can read about HERE) & the degenerate level.

Have you ever found yourself watching a meaningless game between two no name schools, whom most people have never heard of (and no one knew they even had a basketball team)? If the answer to this is yes, you are most likely a sports bettor and possibly a degenerate. If the answer is no, save yourself while you can.

We will pick the bad beats of the each day/night, we will rate the degenerate level of each bad beat. It will be based off of two factors, one will be the popularity and noterity of the said game. The second could be the type of bet it is. For example, a first half bet with two no name teams involved would be close to a 10/10, or a random and I mean random prop bet. For example, a 10/10 would be betting the over/under 2mins on how the national anthem performance sang by Pink would last. It was under at 1:53, but who’s counting.

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