7/16 Free Picks (MLB)

7/16 Free Picks

Here are our 7/16 Free Picks. 39 days til college football! 16 days til NFL preseason!

7/16 Free Picks (MLB)-

San Francisco at Colorado (-130, 14.5)

7/16 Free Picks The Giants took two from the Rockies in a doubleheader sweep yesterday. Tonight will be a battle of two pitchers with question marks. Peter Lambert is a young prospect out of the Rockies farm system and proved he can pitch in the majors. Then you have Drew Pomeranz who has posted terrible numbers 6.42/5.81/1.77. He also us terrible on the road and pitching in a hitter’s park tonight won’t help. He has had 2 promising starts and then the last 4 have been shaky. The Giants haven’t faced the kid but do have some film on him at this point. The Rockies have only scored 4 runs in 2 games yesterday AT COORS!? I think tonight they wake up and beat the Giants big.

Colorado -130



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