2019 Home Run Derby Odds, Picks & Predictions

HR Derby 2019

Current Odds for the 2019 HR Derby-

Josh Bell +320HR Derby 2019

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. +360

Pete Alonso +370

Joc Pederson +500

Ronald Acuna Jr. +710

Alex Bregman +800

Matt Chapman +900

Carlos Santana +1000


The guys I have my eye on for the 2019 HR Derby are Pete Alonso +370, Joc Pederson +500, and Matt Chapman +9000. Lefties will have a small edge here with the fence being lower in right field. Pederson is a leftie and was the runner up in the 2015 HR derby. Chapman is a dark horse here and has almost zero eyes on him (most don’t even know what team he plays for). Pete Alonso is another guy that will I will have my eye on.

My three favorites are-

Pete Alonso +370

Joc Pederson +500

Matt Chapman +900

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HR Derby 2019

2019 HR Derby Matchups

Pete Alonso -170 vs. Carlos Santana +140

Alonso is built for a HR and Santana isn’t as much. The high odds for Alonso are justified and I expect him to win this match-up. Santana is fun player to watch but he just doesn’t have the power to compete in this match-up.

Pick- Pete Alonso (-170)


Joc Pederson -150 vs. Alex Bregman +122

Pederson stole the show in the 2015 HR Derby and has experience coming into this one. Bregman really got a tough draw here and he is the underdog in this match-up. This one might be close but I am going to have to bet on Pederson advancing into the next round.

Pick- Pederson -150


Matt Chapman +110 vs. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. -140

Guerrero is the fan favorite and I really enjoy watching him. But at -140, there is zero value here. I probably wouldn’t play Vlad unless he was around -110. Chapman doesn’t get a lot of love as he plays on the west coast and a smart market team. Getting Chapman at +110 is a home run (LOL) and I have him advancing in this round.

Pick: Chapman +110


Josh Bell -200 vs. Ronald Acuna Jr. +180

Acuna Jr. will be one of the most fun players to watch in this Derby and has a lot of raw talent and power. He is a dark horse in this event as a great underdog to throw some money on. Josh Bell is the favorite for a reason and will fare well as a lefty in this derby. At +180, I have to go with Acuna to win this round and I think you are getting great value here.

Pick- Acuna +180

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